23. Creative Quotes

Just two simple quotes that I found that help remind me to step back every once in a while (yes, they are on my “fancy’d” list). It’s tough to remember the matrix we live in. Sometimes the rat race of school, work, relationships, you name it sucks us up and chews us to the point we forget where we’re really going – or if that’s anywhere at all. We all wish we could go back to the days of the playground where nothing mattered but the bounce of a ball. But that isn’t life. Life is grabbing something head on when its charging at you and there’s no solution on google to fix it. Life is about solving problems, however big or small, and feeling the success or failure that can accompany these problems.

I really am grateful for this class and making me sit down and think about what makes me creative. What makes me react differently or scratch my head until I feverishly begin to type? I actually believe I’m coming closer to these catalyst points than I have in a very long time. Part of me wishes I never stopped drawing – That I still wanted to have the final say at Crayola on why the hell Sea Turtle Green should be in the 48 pack of crayons. Hopefully, that kid in me is coming back.

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