24. Company Culture

From hearing guest speakers to hearing Deb on a daily basis, I feel that I have begun to understand an industry I couldn’t tell you one coherent thought about a few months ago. It’s an entirely unique industry full of people you would never see in any other occupation. Creatives, planners, directors, and clients are thrown into this sandbox where they have to abandon all their egos while still communicating what it is they’d like to see in this project. The teamwork aspect of the industry is something that I could really see myself diving into.

I just finished Delivering Happiness, the book about Zappos and their extremely unique company culture. In the book, the founder talks about the moment where he realized that he had to step away from the company he started in his apartment and watched grown to a hundred million dollar venture. After a couple years of working in a deteriorating company culture, he realized one morning that he simply did not want to get out of bed. How does one get to the point where a company that they birthed is one that they no longer want to be a part of?

Reading his book terrifies me in a way. My biggest fear is to wake up every morning for a job that I don’t love going to. I love technology. I love working for technology companies. I love being able to slay the dragon that is a shitty user experience. I love the fact that my grandpa can actually interact with an iPad. That’s what going to get me out of bed for work each morning – knowing that the better I do my job, the easier the user’s life may be for a few minutes of the day. That being said, I can see how a tech company can cannibalize its own culture with loading up on talent fits – not culture fits. I hope to someday be a part of a company that holds culture in an equal regard with talent because it knows that teamwork and creative collaboration leads to success.

I know I’m on a bit of a rant here but after reading this book, learning in this class, and listening to these speakers, I’ve come to understand just how important company culture is to success and I’m excited to someday be a part of a company that gets me out of bed for the right reasons.


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