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15. The Gamification of Advertising

Nice article in Ad Age Digital this week about the pros and cons of gamification and what it means for your company. I personally love the potential of gamification and the interactivity it creates with the user base over something so arbitrary as a badge or level up. Something about collecting items digs into our human need to hoard goods and other worthless crap.

While gamfiication may not be the most important thing for brands to jump on during this avalanche of new platforms, it represents just one area that stagnant brands may fall behind in. Brands that work to create something simple yet engaging in areas like this will dictate the course of advertising innovation in the coming years. While it may seem juvenile, campaigns like the one Best Buy is undertaking with CityVille are absolutely steps in the right direction for what many consider to be a dying business.

And according to the Ad Age article, it looks like many brands are taking steps in the right direction.

“EMarketer projects that social-gaming ad revenue was $368.9 million in 2011, with about 46% of that coming from the U.S. It forecasts that the market will grow to $672.2 million by 2014.”



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