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13. The Fancy and the Future of Social Commerce

There was a wonderful TechCrunch article I read last week talking about my favorite new site on the web, The Fancy. I can only describe The Fancy as a Pinterest for hipster guys. Gone are the vast expanses of cupcakes, babies, and “Keep Calm” memes. In their place is an elegant layout of watches, gadgets, tailored suits, sleek rides and other shit guys like. “Fancy’s users are currently 60 percent male, and are more often posting consumer goods of the Fab.com variety; high-fashion clothes and accessories and photos of exotic locales.”

As someone who has been secretly waiting for a Pinterest like platform for the cool things I see across the interwebs, this was an inner sigh of relief. However, my excitement doesn’t just end there. It turns out that The Fancy is doing something much better than Pinterest – Social Commerce. Buy links and discount promotions from The Fancy itself is helping to propel an exciting new space in e-commerce. “Fancy” something and get rewarded for it. As I have blogged about previously with Gary  Vaynerchuk, this sort of village marketing is bringing us back to the days of old when word of mouth led to direct profits.

I love this website and I’m extremely excited to see how social commerce in this form or another can help propel the spread of cool shit.

But don’t take my word for it:

From TechCrunch:

Fancy, whose parent company is thingsd, already has some impressive supporters (hello, Kanye), as well as board members like Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square), Chris Hughes (Facebook), Jim Pallotta, and LeRoy Kim (partner at Allen & Co.).

The startup’s investor line-up also includes top VCs Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, Allen & Co., General Catalyst, Esther Dyson, Celtics owner Jim Pallotta, MTV creator Bob Pittman, former eBay COO Maynard Webb, Eric Eisner, Jeff Samberg, oh, and Ashton Kutcher.

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