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19. Google Goggles

This is the world in which I want to live. MVS is the future of what I hope can be a instantly connected, educated society. And the craziest thing about it – I just downloaded it. And it works. I cannot wait to show this to my grandpa over spring break and make him crack up with the latest piece of geekery I’ve acquired.

All joking aside, I adamantly believe this technology will be a mainstay of our mobile lives within a matter of years. As the technology progresses, soon all pieces of media in our physical world will be interactive. Imagine walking down the street and being able to read an entire Wikipedia entry on a statue or engraving you’d never seen before.

Yes, QR codes are everywhere but they are not being used. (Our project will show that) However, this platform of completely open-ended google search based on something in our physical world will be revolutionary.

It is innovation like this that truly makes me giddy to live in today’s world.

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