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3. Corporate Brands on Twitter

Waking up this morning and seeing yet another social media disaster by another corporation makes me wonder if such brands even need a social presence at all. McDonalds is the perfect example. You have a product with room for ad nauseam ridicule and yet you throw out hashtag promotions without any foresight of the backlash you might receive?

Twitter is a tool just like any other. Corporations shouldn’t feel obligated to use every gadget in the toolshed just because the neighbor is doing so. And if you do choose to utilize a tool, make sure you use it wisely.

On a personal note, I tweeted about Zappos the other day and the hacking emergency they encountered.  I received an direct message within minutes from Zappos thanking me for my mentioning of their honest brand. I was shocked even on their magnificent scale of customer service that on the day their corporation lost 24 million personal accounts, they had the effort and time to communicate with someone who was simply just giving them praise.  That is how Twitter should be utilized in a corporations attempt to stay relevant, honest, personal, and effective.

Picture Via: TurboMilk

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