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22. Final Words: From Bedside to Random Tweet

Andrew Breitbart’s tweeting in his final moments before his death this past week inspired an interesting article in GOOD about the weird, anticlimactic auora surrounding the use of social media right before death. Social media sprays a snapshot of our life, however mundane or intriguing, across the media landscape for all to see. So what happens when that random thought is the last thing people will hear from you?

In the case of Andrew Breitbart, his last tweet was not an uncommon one but just a mere sample from his vast archive of twitter insults. Is that how he will be remembered. In this day and age, we are moreĀ capableĀ of creating our personal brand than ever before. We can spread, joy, criticism, disgust – you name it by the hour with hundreds or even thousands of people. Yet, do we ever consider how these are amounted into a story of who we are in the digital landscape? Just some food for thought.

If you were to die today, what would the social media you’ve left behind say about you?

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