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9. Gary Vaynerchuk and the Thank You Economy Keynote

Well, this is what it’s all about folks. The amount of quotes in this video is ridiculous but I’m going to start with them anyways:

“We are in the dawn of 1 on 1 marketing. As we all go Jetsons, the action is like the Flintstones.”

“More and more of you are treating social like a one night stand, you’re like 19 year old dudes trying to close the first transaction…when you sh0uld be trying to put a ring on it.”

“For the first time ever, marketing is not push, it’s pull…it’s a cocktail party, not a presentation.”

“Customer service on social media is playing defense, we need a thank you department that plays offense.”

“Today our engagements and actions are being spread and everyday our consumer base is getting more and more into that ecosystem.”

I think this watching this should be extra points on the final for everyone. Gary Vaynerchuk is so straight-forward, so brutally honest, and so intelligent that if you have any interest in ANYTHING, this video will keep your ass glued to the chair. He doesn’t make any grandiose insights or astounding data digs but rather takes a step back and looks at the big picture. Never have such simple truths about the human nature of sharing been so difficult to put a finger on. We are living in a massive culture shift that requires companies transform from a non-human to a human element. As technology advances, social interaction is regressing to the days of small town rules.

So create a context that replicates this small town. Leave your doors open, know your customers’ likes and dislikes. Dunbar’s number is fucked. The amount of constant contact you keep with other humans is scaling at an exponential rate. And the amount of contact you have with brands is doing the same. Business will have to permanently change the way they play the game. Social media can’t solve problems that stem from bad business.”If you’re feeding children shit that’s going to make them sick, then you deserve to lose.”

Please just watch this. We’re all better for having done so.

Here’s the book as well: The Thank You Economy

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