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2. Ultrabooks and the Revival of PC Innovation

PC Brands and Innovation in the same sentence? Believe it or not, this combination might be something actually taken seriously in 2012. As CES in Las Vegas came to a close last week and the nerds began their diaspora from America’s Playground, it became clear across the blogosphere that Ultrabooks were going to be a revolution. This industry tends to get swept up in buzzwords (see: “cloud”) but the Ultrabook is poised to truly become a household name that’s actually understood.

At CES we witnessed genuine inspiration from the likes of Lenovo, Dell, and Samsung. For the first time in years, it seems these companies have realized that product, not profit, is something that is to be stressed with the utmost importance, and not something gleaned through the exterior glass of an Apple Store. The models have lessened in quantity and increased in quality and end-to-end design (just like Jobs would’ve loved).

From Gizmodo:

“It’s one thing to copy a MacBook and poop out a junkish half-measure; it’s another to borrow almost everything good and add even more desirable features to it.”

I look forward to seeing what Intel’s new Ivy Bridge platform can do when teamed up with genuine PC innovation in the Ultrabook space. After all, some competition will only make this Macbook Air on my lap get that much better.

Picture via: Business Insider

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