14. Tracy Wong and The Democracy of Good Ideas

Tracy Wong of Wong Doody Crandall Weiner spoke to our Creative Strategist class this week about the creative process and the democracy of a good idea.

He spoke about the failures that can occur if:

  • Creatives are assholes
  • The agency thinks the clients are assholes
  • No one listens to eachother because of aforementioned factors interfere with strategy

People in the agency must not have open minds but empty minds to truly let external ideas seep in and be accepted. It’s the idea that matters – not the author. If everyone can leave their ego at the door and truly come ready to work collaboratively with the client, greatness like the “Dear Me” campaign can occur. I was particularly interested by his description of the revelation that can happen if both sides can make sacrifices. The client wanted testimonials and the agency cringed at the staleness of the idea. Yet, everyone worked together to come up with a truly effective campaign.

Tracy’s talk was engaging in its frankness on how the industry works. It is an industry where teamwork is paramount to the success of just about anything and I’m excited to someday be a part of it.

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