7. What I Learned from #ProdShow2012

This past Friday, The University of Oregon hosted three brilliant and insightful producers in the likes of Ann Marie Harbour (@anntrak), Marcelino Alvarez (@mrlnmarce) , and Jeremy Adirim (@J2theA). It was amazing that they had invested the time to come down (or up) to Eugene to interact with aspiring students. Truly, one of those experiences where I walked out feeling blessed that my job at this point in my life is to learn.

I was in complete agreement with the panel of awesomeness over a great deal of their views regarding digital production, in particular their views regarding social media. In my midterm paper, I stressed the need for quality over quantity and the importance of picking appropriate channels that fit comfortably within the ethos of one’s particular brand. Thus, when the panel talked about the need to pick and choose social platforms as specific tools and not necessities, I wanted to stand up and fist pump like Matt Barkley had just been sacked.

Also, I learned from the source of how so much advertising can be bad. The three experts talked about the process and the sort of cascade of bullshit that occurs throughout the journey of an advertising campaign. Their honesty about the heart-wrenching fragility of all their hard work was eye-opening. With so many variables that can fail to cooperate or output the same amount of passion, it’s a shame that most campaigns never see their true potential.

Anyways, a huge thank you to the powers and promise of the SOJC for bringing in three superstars.

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